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Healthy Community

Columbia Health Services proudly serves people in Columbia County, Oregon with the intention of making the community a healthier place.

Our Mission

Columbia Health Services supports patients and clients, the public, and partners to create a healthy Columbia County.

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Find the closest health clinic in your vicinity where our dedicated team of healthcare providers stands ready to assist you whenever necessary.


Learn more about how taking small daily actions can help maintain your body's strength and keep your health in check through prevention.


Access to comprehensive healthcare resources is vital for ensuring the well-being and treatment of individuals across diverse health needs.

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Respect, Integrity, Trust, & Honesty

Columbia Health Services takes pride in serving the residents of Columbia County, Oregon, with a mission to enhance the overall health of our community. We’re committed to ensuring that every individual has easy access to the necessary healthcare, striving to build a better, healthier environment for everyone. Our focus is on fostering wellness and happiness, working diligently to provide the care and support needed to uplift the community’s health standards.